FIPs List


0086 Fast Finality in Filecoin (F3) Steven Allen, Jie Hou, Henrique Moniz, Alex North, Matej Pavlovic, Aayush Rajasekaran, Alejandro Ranchal-Pedrosa, Jorge M. Soares, Jakub Sztandera, and Marko Vukolic Draft
0085 Convert f090 Mining Reserve actor to a keyless account actor Jennifer Wang, Jon Victor Last Call
0084 Remove Storage Miner Actor Method `ProveCommitSectors` Jennifer Wang Accepted
0083 Add built-in actor events Aarsh Shah Accepted
0082 Add support for aggregated replica update proofs nemo, Jake, @anorth Accepted
0081 Introduce lower bound for sector initial pledge Alex North, Vik Kalghatgi Draft
0080 Phasing Out Fil+ and Restoring Deal Quality Multiplier to 1x @Fatman13, @ArthurWang1255, @stuberman, @Eliovp, @dcasem, @The-Wayvy Draft
0079 Add BLS Aggregate Signatures to FVM Jake Accepted
0078 Remove Restrictions on the Minting of Datacap Fatman13, flyworker, stuberman, Eliovp, dcasem, and The-Wayvy Draft
0077 Add Cost Opportunity For New Miner Creation Zac Draft
0076 Direct data onboarding Alex North, @zenground0 Accepted
0075 Improvements to the FVM randomness syscalls Aayush Rajasekaran, Steven Allen Final
0074 Remove cron-based automatic deal settlement Alex North, Alex Su Accepted
0073 Remove beneficiary from the self_destruct syscall Steven Allen Final
0072 Improved Event Syscall API Fridrik Asmundsson, Steven Allen Final
0071 Deterministic State Access Steven Final
0070 Allow SPs to move partitions between deadlines Steven Li, Alan Xu, Mike Li, Alex North, Nicola Rejected
0067 PoRep Security Policy & Replacement Sealing Enforcement Jakub Sztandera, Alex North, Irene Giacomelli, Luca Nizzardo Accepted
0065 Ignore built-in market locked balance in circulating supply calculation Alex North Accepted
0064 Add Parameters to Base Fee Mechanism Guy Goren Draft
0063 Switching to new Drand mainnet network @yiannisbot, @CluEleSsUK, @AnomalRoil, @nikkolasg, @willscott Accepted
0062 Fallback Method Handler for the Multisig Actor Dimitris Vyzovitis, Raúl Kripalani Final
0061 WindowPoSt Grindability Fix @cryptonemo @Kubuxu @DrPeterVanNostrand @Nicola @porcuquine @vmx @arajasek Final
0060 Set market deal maintenance interval to 30 days Jakub Sztandera, @Zenground0, Alex North Final
0059 Synthetic PoRep @Kubuxu @Luca @Rosario Gennaro @Nicola @Irene @nemo Final
0057 Update gas charging schedule and system limits for FEVM Steven Allen, Raúl Kripalani, Akosh Farkash, Jakub Sztandera Accepted
0056 Sector Duration Multiplier (SDM) Axel C, Juan B, Maria S, Molly M, Tom M, Vik K, ZX @zixuanzh) Rejected
0055 Supporting Ethereum Accounts, Addresses, and Transactions Raúl Kripalani, Steven Allen Accepted
0054 Filecoin EVM runtime (FEVM) Raúl Kripalani, Steven Allen Accepted
0052 Increase max sector commitment to 3.5 years @anorth Final
0050 API between user-programmed actors and built-in actors Alex North, Aayush Rajasekaran Final
0049 Actor events Raúl Kripalani, Steven Allen Final
0048 f4 Address Class Steven Allen, Melanie Riise, Rául Kripalani Final
0047 Proof Expiration & PoRep Security Policy Jakub Sztandera, Irene Giacomelli, Alex North, Luca Nizzardo Superseded by FIP-0067
0045 De-couple verified registry from markets Alex North, Zenground0 Draft
0044 Standard Authentication Method for Actors Aayush Rajasekaran, Alex North Draft
0041 Forward Compatibility for PreCommit and ReplicaUpdate Jakub Sztandera Accepted
0039 Filecoin Message Replay Protection Afri Schoedon Draft
0037 Gas model adjustment for for user programmability Raúl Kripalani, Steven Allen Draft
0036 Introducing a Sector Duration Multiple for Longer Term Sector Commitment Axel C, Juan B, Maria S, Molly M, Tom M, Vik K, ZX @zixuanzh) Rejected
0035 Support actors as built-in storage market clients Alex North Withdrawn
0034 Fix pre-commit deposit independent of sector content Alex North, Jakub Sztandera Accepted
0033 Explicit premium for FIL+ verified deals Alex North Deferred
0032 Gas accounting model adjustment for non-programmable FVM Raúl Kripalani, Steven Allen, Jakub Sztandera Draft
0031 Atomic switch to non-programmable FVM Draft
0030 Introducing the Filecoin Virtual Machine (FVM) Draft
0029 Beneficiary address for storage providers Steven Li Last Call
0028 Remove DataCap and verified client status from client address Jiaying Wang, Deep, Fil+ Governance Community Final
0027 Change type of DealProposal Label field from a (Golang) String to a Union Laudiacay, Steven Allen, Aayush Rajasekaran
0026 Extend sector fault cutoff period from 2 weeks to 6 weeks IPFSUnion Final
0025 Handle Expired Deals in ProveCommit ZenGround0 Deferred
0024 BatchBalancer & BatchDiscount Post-HyperDrive Adjustment zx, jbenet, zenground0, momack2 Final
0023 Break ties between tipsets of equal weight Sarah Azouvi, Aayush Rajasekaran Final
0022 Bad deals don't fail PublishStorageDeals ZenGround0 Final
0021 Correct quality calculation on expiration @Stebalien, @ZX, @Zenground0
0020 Add Return Value to WithdrawBalance Steven Li, Zenground0 Final
0019 Snap Deals @Kubuxu, @lucaniz, @nicola, @rosariogennaro, @irenegia Final
0018 New miner terminology proposal Stefaan-V Final
0017 Three-messages Lightweight Sector updates nicola, lucaniz, irenegia Deferred
0016 Pack arbitrary data in CC sectors donghengzhao Draft
0015 Revert FIP-0009 (Exempt Window PoSts from BaseFee burn) jennijuju, arajasek Final
0014 Allow V1 proof sectors to be extended up to a maximum of 540 days deltazxm, Neo Ge, Fatman13 Final
0013 Add ProveCommitSectorAggregated method to reduce on-chain congestion Anca, Nicola, Zenground0, nemo, nikkolasg, jbenet, zixuanzh Final
0012 DataCap Top up for FIL+ Client Addresses DS, JV, ZX Final
0011 Remove reward auction from reporting consensus faults Jakub Sztandera Final
0010 Off-Chain Window PoSt Verification Steven, Alex, et al. Final
0009 Exempt Window PoSts from BaseFee burn Steven Allen, Molly Mackinlay, Łukasz Magiera, Zixuan Zhang Final
0008 Add miner batched sector pre-commit method Alex North, @ZenGround0, @nicola Final
0007 h/amt-v3 Rod Vagg, Steven Allen, Alex North, Zen Ground0 Final
0006 No repay debt requirement for DeclareFaultsRecovered Nicola, Irene Deferred
0005 Remove ineffective reward vesting Alex North, @Zenground Final
0004 Liquidity Improvement for Storage Miners davidad, jbenet, zenground0, ZX, danilo Final
0003 Filecoin Plus Principles Alex Feerst, jbenet, JV, Tim Boucher, Zargham, ZX Active
0002 Free Faults on Newly Faulted Sectors of a Missed WindowPoSt anorth, davidad, Evan, Irene, Luca, Nicola, ZX Final
0001 FIP Purpose and Guidelines Whyrusleeping Active