Filecoin Mission

The mission of Filecoin is to create a decentralized, efficient, and robust foundation for humanity’s information.

Here is a short overview of each of these terms:


  • The network is not dependent on any one party, e.g., not dependent on a company, foundation, or other organization to continue operating.
  • No centralized parties can control, stop, or censor the network, its operation, or its participants.
  • Users and providers are not controlled or governed by powerful intermediaries (unlike markets like Uber or Airbnb).
  • Activity is trustable (web3) through the public verifiability of operations and rational incentives.
  • Refers to the decentralization movement of 2015+, including IPFS, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more.
  • Third parties cannot prevent willing participants from exchanging data and/or payments for it.
  • Filecoin uses cryptography, end-to-end encryption at rest, and incentives to secure information and network operation.


  • Make digital storage (spacetime) a proper commodity with real markets
  • Decouple digital storage from cloud computing moat feature sets – turn storage market into a real market where any provider can sell their storage.
  • Enable humanity to create an efficient digital storage market, with small margins and as close as we can get to physical limitations.
  • Ensure efficient usage of digital storage resources – reduce digital space waste (unused storage supply while prices are high enough to warrant using it).
  • Drive more and more efficient usage of storage media.
  • Enable fast (sub-second) buying and selling of spacetime.
  • Enable programs to buy and sell spacetime (without having to be humans or have an associated bank account) – i.e., a cryptocurrency wallet and code should be enough to buy storage.
  • Clients can trust Filecoin will serve data quickly and efficiently back to them.
  • Filecoin will not waste user resources (storage, bandwidth, computation, time) unnecessarily.


  • Filecoin has five 9s of uptime or more.
  • Clients can trust Filecoin to keep their data safe.
  • Clients can trust Filecoin to serve their data in a variety of extreme circumstances (in the distant future).
  • Clients can trust Filecoin to replicate storage and to self-repair lost replicas over time.
  • Clients can use Filecoin to store critical application data and trust it to work whenever they need that data back.
  • The network is robust to attack by all sorts of powerful parties, including state-level actors.
  • The network is robust to changing market dynamics and powerful counter incentives – meaning, it is rational to continue operating the network.
  • The network is robust to network censorship attacks (given there exist willing storage providers).
  • The network is robust to specific file censorship attacks (given there exist willing storage providers).
  • The network is robust to catastrophic attacks (i.e., nuclear war, long-running internet partitions, etc.).


  • Filecoin can be used as the foundation of other technologies and applications. It is a platform.
  • Filecoin supports data storage-intensive applications.
  • Programs, Webapps, DApps, and smart contracts can be written to store and retrieve data from Filecoin efficiently, safely, and with high confidence.
  • Filecoin is a trustable, dependable foundation for critical systems and applications.
  • It becomes possible for parties to store information indefinitely (using rational incentives, and money), without having to be online or alive to renew or re-upload things.
  • Filecoin leads data reliability and replication efforts.

Humanity’s Information

  • Filecoin marshals vast storage arrays to store most of humanity’s valuable information.
  • Filecoin stores all human knowledge – all scientific papers, history, press, etc.
  • Filecoin forms a public record for humanity.
  • Filecoin is one of the best choices to store any kind of data (from small incremental app data to massive datasets).
  • Filecoin stores personal data end-to-end encrypted at rest, and can store it indefinitely.
  • Filecoin becomes the default “digital storage locker” for all computer users.
  • Filecoin becomes the default “external hard drive” for all computer users.